Expression of Interest

Accueil francophone as Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) is only able to assist people who have a relative or a sponsoring group within the province of Manitoba.

If you live out of Canada or out of Manitoba, please know that we will likely not be able to respond to your sponsorship request. Please click on the following link to search for Sponsorship Agreement Holders in your neighbourhood:  Sponsorship Agreements Holders (SAH).

If you believe that you are eligible to submit a sponsorship request, please be mindful of that every refugee sponsorship requires a settlement plan. That means you must have a sponsoring group or relatives and/or friends (co-sponsors) who have the financial capacity to support the sponsored refugees once in Canada.


Please note that phoning us and/or e-mailing us several times is NOT going to accelerate the process. If we cannot help you at this time, please try again at later time. To make a sponsorship request, please submit your Expression of interest below.


Note: The Expression of Interest is for the intent of collecting background information. It is NOT a promise of sponsorship. It is, instead, a mean of determining whether a sponsorship application is likely to be successful.


This form is divided up into three sections:

  1. SECTION A-1 : CONSTITUENT GROUP: This section concerns the Sponsoring Group seeking to sponsor under the Sponsorship Agreement of Accueil Francophone.SECTION A-2 : CO-SPONSOR: This section concerns the relative of the refugee seeking to be sponsored.
  2. SECTION B : REFUGEE (S) TO BE SPONSORED: This section is regarding the refugee(s) in need of sponsorship.
  3. SECTION C : REQUESTED ASSISTANCE: This section is regarding the level of assistance needed from the sponsoring group and/or co-sponsor(s).